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Ghost Bond – Invisible Bonding for Poly and Lace Systems by 3rd dimension

So you’ve been measured and are ready to flaunt your new hair system, but there are so many options when it comes to adhesive that you don’t even know where to start. When you’re fitted for your hair systems in Toronto, your stylist can recommend a number of adhesives that may work for you. But, we understand that you want the most information possible when making a decision on an adhesive product.

While trial and error has proven effective for many when it comes to figuring out the best product for their skin type, hair system style, and personal preference, knowing exact details can help you make a decision. 

Luckily, we’re starting a monthly roundup of adhesives and strips so that you can get the lowdown on everything you’ll need for a happy and healthy head of hair.

First up: Ghost Bond Invisible Adhesive by Pro Hair Labs.

Created by Pro Hair Labs, Ghost Bond is an invisible bonding adhesive that is safe for use on both poly and lace systems. Working with pharmaceutical chemists, Pro Hair Labs was founded in 1994 to create a truly safe product that would revolutionize the hair adhesive industry. Ghost Bond may just be that product.

Product Highlights:

  • Water-based
  • No latex
  • No harsh solvents
  • Immediate bond for a no fuss application
  • Can last up to 4 weeks without touch-ups
  • Water and oil impervious — even in high heat and humidity

Safe and Chemical Free

With a clear focus on product safety, Pro Hair Labs keeps an extensive repository of product ingredients, but the packing itself is also 100% biodegradable — meaning it’s safe for your skin, and safe for the environment.

Some people find that adhesives can cause skin flare ups on their sensitive scalp, and breakout in a rash or acne because of the chemicals found to adhere their hair system. While we can’t speak for every skin’s temperament, the lack of toxicity in this adhesive glue makes it the best bet for even the most sensitive scalp.

How-To Apply:

Ghost Bond requires that you follow their application instructions to a ‘T’ for the best possible outcome. We’ve heard from numerous clients with hair systems in Toronto that when they’ve rushed the process and not strictly followed the instructions that their results weren’t what was expected.

Follow these steps, and you’ll be sure to have an invisible and strongly bonded hair system.

  • Clean the area thoroughly beforehand with 70-90% alcohol.
  • You can decide to use a scalp protector underneath the glue if you have truly sensitive skin, but due to Pro Hair Labs focus on the health and safety of their products and the lack of toxic elements in Ghost Bond, the scalp protector step can be eliminated.
  • Apply a thin layer directly to your skin around the perimeter of your scalp, where your hair system will rest.
  • Wait 20 seconds for this layer to turn completely clear. Once it’s clear you can add another layer.
  • Apply 4 layers total, waiting 20 seconds between each coat.
  • After the final coating, wait 7 full minutes before pressing your hair system into place. 
    NOTE: The glue will stick on contact, so make sure that your system is arranged how you want it before pressing and patting the edges down.

Other Application Notes:

  • The product will not dry if you put a layer on top of a wet layer & will show through as white.
  • Because of it’s water based copolymer composition, Ghost Bond has a medium-consistency similar to white glue, without being runny, stringy, or overly tacky.
  • For Poly wigs you can apply one thin layer to the hair system, however with lace wigs you apply the product to your skin only.
  • Reduced cleanup because it saves your actual hair system from extensive product applied directly to it.

So how long does it last?

  • The majority of our clients have been able to get 2-3 weeks of use out of their Ghost Bond adhesive. This can change based on extensive humidity or sweating, but the strength and length of wear far outweighs the competition.
  • For the product to completely dry, you should wait a total of 24 hours before you shampoo it or wet your hair to ensure the best possible adherence.


  • There have been some complaints of a milky white appearance showing up during the 24-hour time after it gets wet or after one extensively sweats. This could be due to applying a layer too thick or not letting layers dry before applying a new coat. Once again, ensure that you’re following all instructions to the letter to keep your hair system looking fresh.

To remove

There are a number of solvents on the market that can quickly and easily remove your hair piece when it’s time to reapply. Since this water-based adhesive is applied directly to your skin, however, you’ll want to apply something like Pro Hair Labs Ultra-Safe to your scalp to remove any traces of the product.

Of course, thoroughly clean your hair system and your scalp before reapplying.

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